New Digs, Ya Dig?

Today I finally got off my butt and got my hair cut. I hadn't cut it in a year or so, so everything was just a grown out mess and, because I was embracing the middle part, I needed it restyled and made all presentable again.

The cardigan is new from PRL and the shorts are a pair of accidentally asymmetrical shorts I made from an old knit sweater. 
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Lanivin's Dancing Models

Fall 2011
The clothes are great but what the heck is this dancing? The models are gorgeous, but couldn't he have at least hired girls (and guys, honestly) that could dance just a wee bit better? I felt awkward watching it. But I want the clothes! Mission accomplished?

Power Squad Rings

I dug up these old treasures the other day. I get to unleash the 6-year-old in me with the glitter globe. Are they great or what?

Hurricane Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down

'Nuff said. Well actually, I don't have much to say. Though I've done absolutely nothing lately, I'm starting my common application essay for college tonight - have to save brain space! I think I'm going to write about scars; oh I know I'm weird, yeah?

It's a textured dress. The polka dot fabric is all in flower shapes:) Details at the bottom.

I realise I would have liked to add a belt. Oh well.
Dress: Modcloth
Clutch: Vintage


I'm really upset that my photos really decrease in quality when I upload them :(

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a penny in my pocket

False, these shorts don't have pockets. However, I did make them! The shirt is a recent from American Apparel (see Manic Monday Shopping Haul) and the rest of the details are below.

So right now I'm sitting at home in my sweats, watching the hurricane Doppler. Though I'm hoping it misses me up in eastern MA, we're still on watch. Thursday, as I was driving down to Cornell I hit crazy storms, and yesterday, driving back, there literally was a pack of seven or eight service trucks, heading northeast, getting ready to take care of potential "business," I assume. I say this, as it just started raining rhinos outside... (come on, rhinos are a way bigger mess than cats and dogs, right?)

I hope everyone is staying safe!


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I Found a Fedora!

Discovering a fedora is like when Buckwheat and Porky find a dollar.

I've scored on the vintage finds lately. Today, while sewing a shirt (which I've temporarily abandoned, but hopefully I'll be able to post a finished product tomorrow), I found this old fedora in a box of goodies my mom threw down to the basement. Evidently, she felt as if it were a box of old junk. However, I, giddy with my discovery, became instantly overwhelmed with an urge to channel some 1930's detective via this hat. Luckily I've had more stellar vintage steals lately, i.e. my dad's old silk shirt I begged for knowing he hasn't touched it since the 80's, and one of the many pairs of loafers my mom was going to donate to goodwill, but gave me first pick (#winning). Apparently she used to have a huge thing for loafers, the back three are all the same make, just different colors! The shorts, if you recognize them, are recently purchased from American Apparel, and the belt and lace-sports-bra-thing are thrifted.

I say ol' chap, I love this fedora!

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Manic Monday Shopping Haul

The outlets are the best place to shop and today I came home with a great load of stuff. In addition to the following, I got two great pairs of jeans from Lucky and Levi's which I'm super excited about (the Lucky pair are a great light wash which I never really buy), as well as a navy collared shirt and camel color cardigan from PRL.

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Farmer's Market Friday

Awkward I wore this skirt last night to dinner, with that burnt sienna top I have yet to wash (don't worry I threw it in the laundry bin today!) along with some stellar jewelry from Forever 21 and my figure-eight braided sandals from Target. Yes, I really liked that outfit so I guess I'll have to post a picture if I throw it on again (doubt it, oops). Anyway, since very few saw me in it, I figured I could get away with it to go to the farmers market? I paid a visit to my friend who was selling some hydroponic veggies from her dad's farm.

1. Cute guy sells corn.
2. Farmer's Markets are boring sometimes.
3. Bodycon skirts ride up like it's their job. Bummer.

So, I got this concert shirt from my boyfriend. It's a total lolfest. ("Heaven on the eyes but hell on the heart" I mean really?) And I threw it on because really only a few things can go with mustard yellow without making the color look heinous: gray, olive green, burnt reds or pinks, and turquoise. Turquoise might be pushing it... 'cause it's kind of got that whole, opposite colors being really tacky thing going for it. This paired with some blue Ked-like sneakers, some small, eclectic jewelry, and some red-orange lip stain I found in my big bag of tricks. And by bag of tricks I mean my Sephora dream box of blush, lip stain, and eye shadow. Anyway, ahoy, bombs away, and what-not yee matees.

PS. love that look of "wtf" on my face, yeah?

This is When I Start to Bite My Nails

and Clean My Room When All Else Fails.... except not. My room still looks as if when I finally picked it up I might find a critter or two. In other news I've realized I'm totally not fit for the town in which I live. Not only am I incredibly distant with most of my neighbors and fellow town-dwellers due to boarding school, but I feel like some sort of novelty. I cannot say whether that's good or bad, but when I ran errands today I sure felt it. Honestly, does no one take the time to put themselves together anymore? Sweatpants are not that cute. I swear there wasn't a person in Target today that was not wearing them or some form of PJs. Though maybe I am exaggerating only a teeny bit, you get my point. There was a lot of baggy cotton jersey. I just want people to wear clothes, really.

On another note, although I do place myself into the "over-dressed-for-everything" category, twice recently, while at my dentist, I was asked why I looked so nice, and if I had just come from work. Mind you, the first time I was in a lace top and leggings and the second time I had thrown on a shirt from urban (that zig-zag one in my look, "travelin'") and some weirdly patterned shorts from Forever 21; I'm pretty sure it didn't match. What? What?! Can't I just wear random shit without getting stares or being utterly confused?

Anyway, sorry. Rant over.
Here's my look, yo.
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righty-tighty, lefty-loosey

I haven't really done anything today, I mean I've actually done NOTHING, aside from sit on the couch and by the computer. A few things I've noticed: Lowes commercials come on TV a lot and my computer is so old and lagging; the fan is so loud that is sounds as if it's ready to take flight.
The best part is I have so much to do in terms of cleaning, sewing, and getting started in the monstrous, scary thing that is the college application process.                                                                     However, in all other news, here is today's look. I got this dress at my thrift store haul I was talking about the other day. It was mid-calf length so raised the hemline and paired it with a pair of Steve Madden wedges I got years ago yet fail to wear too often.

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the sun hat

I love sun hats. They've always been around, and the big floppy hat is a classic, but either I've been living under a rock or sun hats have really made a comeback just this summer alone. Hats are cute on girls! And that's a rule

Img source NYMAG: (L>R) Suno, Imaxtree, Jenni Kayne, Lanvin


So apparently the correct plural of octopus is actually octopodes because it is Greek and that’s the correct way to pluralize a Greek word. Also it’s pronounced ok-top-it-ees… i had always seen that word and thought it was just octo-podes – I’m stellar smart. I only titled this octopi because I also learned the π function on my computer. ∏!

I learn new things every day! For instance, today I learned that apparently, though I live in a small town in MA, it’s still considered sub-divided into it’s ye olde, non-functioning but still postal-service recognized, towns. I’ve lived here for 13 years….

I shopped around Cambridge last Sunday which was a ton of fun. I scored at The Garment District thrift store and also hit up the Urban Outfitters in Harvard Square which was having an awesome basement sale. I got this dress and a pair knit shorts, but everything else was a miss. I love this dress, though it looks like it should be cinched at the waist, but it's not - it's more of a fun frock. I realise I didn't get an image of the back, which would have been nice. The netting continues to the back in this pretty, arched, V-shape. Anyway, I'm basically a narcissist, so here's a photo overload, and some better close ups for details.

 I picked up this octopus necklace at a gift store long ago.
I've co-opted my father's hat.
The belt is from J Crew and the shoes are from Target.

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I love Emma Stone (and though everyone insists I look like her, I insist that not all redheads look the same) and I'm all for accentuated hips, but, I'm sorry, amidst all the praise for her "chic" color-blocking look here, I have to beg to differ. I don't like the red on pink combo, and I think the skirt just flops. To me the bubble hip just looks pinned on as an after thought. Matter of opinion I guess. What are your thoughts?
for some reason the photos i upload appear to be blurry/unsaturated
i'm trying to fix this!

chipmunk cheeks

still got 'em

Remember when I walked around NY for a day wearing a headdress from Party City?

Fashion, smashion. I loved wearing this around because, well, I love being a goofball. If wearing a $4 headdress from Party City counts as pushing limits, then that's what I did - but really I just had fun with it, and people's reactions were the best part of the day ;)

balloon dresses are an awesome artform

but stay away from sharp objects!

it gives you wings

Are those wings from a Swiss VS Angel's show made entirely of Swarovski crystals?
Did some of us get to try a pair on?
So that means that's me wearing a pair of (fairly heavy) Victoria's Secret wings ;)