So I've fallen subject to spring's most cliche trend. But I just can't get over how in love with floral I am. It has my two favorite components: bright colors and pretty things. I've thrown together a collection of sixteen floral ideas. No that number doesn't mean anything, that's just where I drew the line and told myself that was enough flowers for one day.
The thing about florals is I first found myself under their spell this past fall. They go well with complimenting cardigans and classic lace and ruffles. But they also can be fantastically contrasted with leather such as the latest revived moto jackets, combat boots, or other great black heels and accessories - which lessen the cheery spring vibe. Of course not all of the flower patterns can go with black but throw some grays or denim into the mix. I just like how I can wear really basic pieces and throw a floral in and be set. Of course, that's not always the case and I'll go a little over the top. But that's just it - florals are fun!

ahh, contents:
1. Forever 21
2. Forever 21
3. H&M
4. H&M
5-8. Urban Outfitters
9. (all clutches) Urban Outfitters
10. Urban Outfitters
11. Urban Outfitters (those are shoelaces)
12. Forever 21
13. Urban Outfitters...
14. (upper skirt) Delia*s
15. Forever 21
16. Topshop

Spring Soundtrack

I'm finding new music that gives me the perfect vibe for nice weather... if only nice weather would actually come up here in New England. Well, I'm getting anything from chill sounds to more upbeat music. Check out ZOX, Owl City, M.I.A., and The White Panda. Additionally, some artists you may or may not know about: Dizzy Balloon, Mike Posner, and Julia Nunes (images above - listed counterclockwise). Their genres of music are all pretty much different so I guess I can only describe them all as fantastical, and their music makes me happy so check 'em out.

Also pictured above are some sweet Skull Candy Headphones I've been looking at. I've given up on earbuds because they always end up breaking. These headphones are pretty much out of my price range but they're great; 50 mm over the ear and 20K hertz frequency (which means super nice sound). Now if I really had a million dollars I might spring for Dr. Dre's sweet Beats headphones ($349.95 for one of the best pairs). But they are really nice and have lost of sound. I deffinitely suggest getting over-the-ear headphones if you haven't already. You can find nice pairs for a lot less price, too. But headphones have the promise of breaking less and enhancing your music listening...Plus you'll look pretty legit.

Some links! To make your life easier:
Owl City
The White Panda
Dizzy Balloon
Mike Posner
Julia Nunes
Beats by Dr. Dre

My First Spring Desire

I'm craving a neon windbreaker and you can pick up a legit one from Nike themselves (6). The athletic look meets an 80's throwback. [Not to follow trends but I'm not going to lie, this outfit is pretty 80's themed; especially when paired with an acid-wash skirt.] But I love the athletic yet girly, retro vibe. Balancing a sweet casual wear with girly elements like loads of silver and gold jewelery. But hey, those are still boxing gloves (3). The sneakers add another spunky accent and make the outfit totally casual. I'm a fan of classic converse and am loving the slimmer look they have with new Chuck Taylors (7). But the shiny high-tops (9) are pretty cool themselves. Topping off the contrast going on with a totally glam over the shoulder purse or clutch (8). The black ones are going to pump up the edge while still totally girlish and party ready, while the pink over the shoulder bag is a little sweeter. Yellow is obviously the main color of the outfit but a little blue or pink in softer tones make a great accent.
Well, I like to ramble but I love this outfit! In the frame (10) is the outfit at a less expensive, one-stop-shop, version.
1. Urban Outfitters
2. Urban Outfitters
3. Urban Outfitters
4. Topshop
5. Topshop
6. Nike
7. Converse
8. Forever 21
9. Forever 21
10. All Forever 21