Taking Advantage

I came across this article from The New York Times whilst skimming New York Magazine’s The Cut blog today. It was only a few days ago that women in Saudi Arabia were allowed to work in retail at lingerie stores – and only women. Before then, a woman working in retail was entirely banned, and women had to buy undergarments from men. I suppose I take for granted the ability to stroll into Victoria’s Secret and browse underwear with compliments or inappropriate phrases printed right on it, feeling pretty comfortable as I walk around the store. I never imagined having to buy undergarments in front of men, especially in a community that is as conservative as Saudi Arabia. Most women, as the article reported, would leave the country to purchase undergarments.

soirées are mostly good for gossip and photo-opps

Le Fete du Courant this past Friday night marked the launch of my school's 2012 winter issue of the art magazine. There were mocktails, poetry readings, music, and a lot of peeved stares from the museum curators at the Addison that were on duty. Understandably, they were not too fond of a gaggle of teenagers running around in fancy clothes and heels, with professional cameras taking pictures of each other, instead of appreciating the collection. We were there for the poetry and music of featured Courant artists, however, most of us could not even get into the show room because it was "over capacity." Ultimately, we wandered the galleries and took it as an opportune night to play dress up. I called it in early out of boredom and gross weather, but here are some lovely pictures.