it's just seven days, it feels like a week

I go back to school in so little time! The days have FLOWN by, honestly, and I'm sure I'm not quite ready to go back.

Anyway, here's today's look.

Dress: Found it at a thrfit store, and hemmed it.
Belt: Vintage from my mother
Necklaces: picked them up from places, I think the beaded one is from Jamaica
Tights: Christmas present!

Happy Christmas!

I went last-minute shopping today, having just returned to the States after a week, so I had to get to the shops early. Woke up and threw this on - surprisingly so warm!

I paired this outfit with a simple pair of white, leather Keds. They are literally my staple, go-to shoe. I also think this is the epitome of the messy bun - haha go hair. Also, these tights are actually crosshatched but you cannot tell.

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Fun Fact: I Spotted Kyra Sedgwick

Currently I am in Belize, staying at a wonderful place in the middle of the jungle miles from any town. Imagine my surprise when I sit down for dinner and at the table next to me is Kyra Sedgwick having dinner with (I believe to be) her son and daughter. Now I'm not a paparazzi, and this is the kind of place you come to when you obviously want privacy. That means I sniped some crummy, behind the back, you-cant-tell-I'm-taking-a-picture-with-my-cellphone pictures. But loookie!

As I was walking back to my room we crossed paths. I let out a cough moments before (dumb cold!) so naturally I said "Excuse me" right as she happily/nervously/courteously said "Hi!"It was chill...

Don't know who she is? Kyra Sedgwick is the star of the TV show, The Closer, and is married to Kevin Bacon. (And where is Mr. Bacon on this family venture?)

Second one is a little proof that this was in real life, because this looks like a crappy shot of the TV
(That's my arm - hayhayhay!)

Holiday Dresses for Less

Five dresses perfect for this holiday season, all under $20!

Right: one-shoulder, nude tone, and a subtle sparkle - all of this seasons latest trends in one great, sexy dress. Buy at Forever 21
Left: black and silver, stylish prints on a classic shift dress - the perfect put together look. Buy at Peacocks

Right: Black and gold - sexy, chic color combo and party ready. Buy at H&M
Left: Stand out in hot holiday colors and bold prints that don't seem too out of season. This dress is perfect. Buy at Boohoo
The LBD, with a cute mesh overlay - show a little skin without showing too much. Pair with a belt and hit the holiday parties in style. Buy at Rue21


I've noticed more and more people stepping outside the box and mixing clashing, funky patterns and textures. Sometimes the best look just takes stepping outside the box and throwing on a random mix of bold printed pieces. I love trying this out and mixing things I wouldn't normally imagine together.
Also, you know that rule: before you leave the house, take one thing off? Disregard that and add two more!

Check out these looks I found.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

When winter is in full swing I usually find myself stomping through snow on my way to classes. This means I need shoes that are able to handle the wet and icy weather. But that doesn't mean I have to sacrifice fashion, either! For this season, look for some cute all weather boots like the ones below.

Top Right: Rain boots by Anthropologie. A cute, classic rain boot, like this, is perfect for the winter because it is guaranteed to keep your feet dry and warm and it has great stylish details!
Top Left: Strap boot by Merrell, buy at Piperlime. A stylish, chestnut coloured boot matches just about everything. This boot is waterproof, too, so it can take on the snow.
Middle: Dr. Martens. Usually, taller boots are better for handling the snow, but I love Dr. Martens. They're edgy and built tough to handle wear and tear.
Bottom Left: Boots by Anthropologie. Embrace the cold weather with warm, season-specific boots. The rubber soles can handle the ice and the lace up look is adorable!
Bottom Right: Boots by Chanel. Sleek black is always a classic and the perfect look for winter. This boot is chic and check out the patent leather accents.

A New Kind of Knitwear for the Neck

A type of men's ties are making a comeback: Knitted and crochet ties. Maybe because I prefer the classic triangular shape, or slimmer looks, but I am not a fan of this trend. It's bulky and I think it might look quite odd to be wearing a fuzzy knitted tie around your neck. I can think of only a few ways to pull it off, and all looks involve only the tie peeking through from under a sweater or blazer, and so I am at a loss for this trend. I wouldn't recommend it.
How much is too much knit?
You can take a look at some of these styles by Thomas Pink or J. Crew

New Polka Dots, Every Day

I'm not one for simple shift dresses, but I'm a fan of this one, since I am known for my indecisiveness. I often get tired with something easily; so how about being able to change it up every now and then with different colors and [sort of] different patterns? I'm sure a few of you have seen this, but I just thought I would share this dress wherein you put a few washable markers and let them bleed for a bit to make awesome polka dots. Go to town with whatever colors you're feeling like that day.

One dress and many ways to wear it? A dream come true.

Designed by Fernando Brízio. Check out the article here.

an outfit!

It's been two weeks since school started, I thought I should at least share with you what I wore the first day.
Unfortunately I just don't have any high-waisted shorts (despite my search for a good, affordable pair), so I altered the look a bit, and went a little casual. It also started raining (!) so I traded in the short-sleeved jacket for a yellow cardigan.
Here are just a few images. That's the car fully packed. Don't be misguided, my height makes the car look tiny, but its a decent size.

I painted my nails green, too!

Jacket: BCBG
Tank: random sample sale
Lace undertank: Target
Distressed shorts: Pacsun
Bag: thrifted
Sandals: Target

hello, world

Hi! I'm just barely beginning to get into the swing of things at school (classes, community service, clubs, singing, and sports just don't leave much free time...) but I wanted to let you know that I am still alive and updating this, despite my fantastic cold I've come down with.

Anywhoo, this is not to vent but to share with you this awesome dress my grandmother brought to me a few weeks ago. It has been in the family for ages and at least 80 years old. I required the aid of my mother to get it on, but this dress is fabulous and was so fun to wear. I can't really do much with it except keep it like an artifact. We are debating whether or not the thread is real gold, which is really interesting. And it was almost musty,  my mom wanted to send these pictures to grams which is why I got in it in the first place.  How cool is the matching belt? However, I wish people would dress like this more. What ever happened to these gowns and dresses? They are great.

baby you're a big blue whale

I wore this outfit today. A few weeks ago I went to visit my neighbour, who had a bunch of designer and nice clothes that were left to her by a friend who moved across country. She let me look around I walked away with a few things for free! This blouse, by Patrizia Pepe, is one of the articles I found. It's really cool with eyelet, lace ruffle, and pleating details - in the least tacky sense.

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I figured out how to use that cliché camera glare feature in photoshop!

Skirt: Target
Bracelet: Made it myself
Sandals: Target

Head's Up

Today was spent attempting to pack all my belongings for school. Ever had to clean out your room in one day? It's not easy. I realized I have an absurd amount of clothes. I found some to donate, which I can add to the thousand pound box full of clothes that I compiled at the beginning of summer, to donate. However, I've come to the conclusion that I have a problem. I'm nowhere near done packing. You'd think this is my entire wardrobe, but this is excluding athletic attire, sweatshirts, the laundry I still have to do, all belts, shoes, tights, and other accessories. I am far too addicted to clothing. Fun facts about this pile, I have no other long pants than jeans (which I have way too many of), out of all of this  I own only five pairs of shorts, and yes I own a pink/purple zebra print chiffon dress that I purchased for $4 at a thrift store.

The sad thing is, I only accomplished this and a few other things that needed to be organized and put away. Tomorrow is going to be quite the long day, because I also hope to sew a few things. Also, check out this old nail polish of mine that I re-discovered. Yes the liquid has settled and solidified, and the brush is actually stuck in there. Furthermore, the brand is "Fring'rs"- clever hehe.
I'm ridiculous...
Moreover, This post has dual purposes: to inform you of my absurd packing frenzy, and to tell you the following.
This means I'm going back to school. Now to clarify incase you think I'm going off to college, or incase you remembered that I am sixteen and are further confused, I attend boarding school. I love it. Nevertheless, it does not allow much time for hobbies such as this, especially this year, because I may biting off much more than I can chew in extracurriculars and this is the toughest year yet concerning classes. I will do my very best to keep up with this as often as I do (I am in no way abandoning this - I'm just starting to grow!) but it may be slow at times until I can get back into the swing of things. Just letting you know.
On another notion, I have to leave the camera I've been using all summer behind because it is actually my mom's that I just commandeered (a similar one is on the top of my wish-list, however). This means pictures will be far less decent in quality - bummer. Bear with me, please!

And thanks for readinggg!

Avedon - Fashion Photographer

Yesterday, my dad took me to the MFA Boston to see the Richard Avedon Fashion exhibit. I actually had not seen much of his work before, but I can't even describe how in love I am with his photography after seeing it all. He captures movement so gracefully and beautifully with some of these images. He has done fabulous work with Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and more. Again, he has many great works, but all of the following are featured in the museum. Here's another image-full Thursday post to inspire you , possibly.


Image 1: Avedon Fashion 1944-200 Cover
Image 2: Dovima with elephants, August 1955
Image 3: Suzy Parker with Robin Tattersall and Gardner McKay, August 1956
Image 4: Sunny Harnett, August 1954
Image 5: Elise Daniels with street performers, 1948 
Image 6: Carmen, 1957
Image 7: Renée, the new face of Dior, 1947
Image 8: Donyale Luna, December 1966
Image 9: Veruschka, January 1967
Image 10: Stephanie Seymour, April 1995
Image 11: Stephanie Seymour, September 1994

Carey Mulligan covers October's Vogue

Carey Mulligan looks stunning in Chanel for the October 2010 issue of Vogue. However, the cover's looking a little juvenile, to me - better suited for Teen Vogue. I don't know if it's the large amount of pink or because the cover is a bit too cluttered, but something about this cover doesn't take my breath away per usual.

 I still say Carey Mulligan is beautiful here, and I love that Chanel.

Lady Gaga is packing... meat

I tweeted this earlier but I thought I'd just post this and let you all get another look.
Lady Gaga wears raw meat on the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan. After her Jo Calderone alter ego posing on the cover was leaked a while ago, what do we expect next? That's Lady Gaga for you, keeping you on your toes. (Let's not even get into the confusion of both of these covers for the same issue in the magazine... which are we really going to see when it hits newsstands?)

What are your thoughts on her latest attire?

And how does she still look sexy?

Should I buy it? Does this look good on me?

Ever asked yourself those questions? Ever sent the picture to your friend in a text and he/she just didn't get back to you in time?
A while back I found trimirror blogs, where you can upload a picture to ask a question or show off, and you'll have a response in minutes. Weather you consider yourself a fashionista or not, the community is full of style savvy people and anyone just looking for a little advice.

These are for the every day person. Post an outfit before you go out or snap a pic in the store dressing room (there are handy-dandy little apps for that on your iphone or droid, check the right side of the trimirror page) and you'll get instant feedback! Or, if you find a piece that inspires you, or something interesting online, it's a nice community to share it with.
Although fairly new, the community is growing everyday. I like websites like these, that are for everyone and every day people. The best part is the community is so nice and welcoming!

You can thank avid tweeter @Bellpopping for showing me around this site!


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Real Style

   Thanks to the rising success of fashion blogs and websites like The Sartorialist, Chictopia, or Lookbook, I think the big-name fashion magazines are catching on. You can style as many models as you want, but nothing is more real, versatile, and fashionable than the people seen on the street. They wear their own personalities. Who better to dictate the latest trends, than the actual people who wear them, as opposed to the magazine that says so?
   Visit a summer music festival, and you might be more inspired than if you were to look at a magazine. The liveliness of the real people, and the versatility and beauty of their style comes across much better. Maybe that's what these magazine companies are catching on to. It tends to be called "Street Chic", and I love this idea of how it shows true fashion from real people. I can know that a girl is wearing what she wants, not what was thrown on her. Although these albums of street style seem to be only on the magazines' websites at the moment, I am so glad to see that the industry is finally recognizing the broadness and differences in the definition of "fashion".

   For sometime, Seventeen has had Style Wars, which showcases girls' style and lets viewers rate them.

   Teen Vogue has it's style watch with Street Chic articles, with slideshows of girls from different countries. Each album features about six girls from a country.

   Elle's Street Chic I've been following for a while now. There is an entire portion of the website devoted to what everyday, fashionable people are wearing. From the summer concert series to cities across the world, Elle really finds some great people.

   New York Magazine's website has a few showcases. Some participants send in their look with the chance to be featured, and NYmag does a roundup every week or so of a week in street style. Not only do I check NYmag's hourly cut fashion blog tri-daily, but I love keeping up with the Look Book. They find real people and ask them a few questions, it's fabulous.

   And now, Vogue - a.k.a. the Bible, or the reason I even thought to write this post - is starting to follow the trend! I was so excited when I read Wednesday's article that they are now introducing Local Look. Looking at the floral trend right now, Vogue online is asking readers to send in his or her own look and it could be featured. The article reads, "We want to know how you wear it, wherever you are." And that is what I love, what I find so great about fashion and these new types of articles. It reaches everywhere to every person.