Hurricane Ain't Gonna Bring Me Down

'Nuff said. Well actually, I don't have much to say. Though I've done absolutely nothing lately, I'm starting my common application essay for college tonight - have to save brain space! I think I'm going to write about scars; oh I know I'm weird, yeah?

It's a textured dress. The polka dot fabric is all in flower shapes:) Details at the bottom.

I realise I would have liked to add a belt. Oh well.
Dress: Modcloth
Clutch: Vintage


I'm really upset that my photos really decrease in quality when I upload them :(

Click view more! Muchos fotos! (ovaload)

I know, my nails are soo attractive. I just don't pay attention to them when they're usually covered in charcoal and such.
I actually ripped the hem of this dress wearing it today :( - going to have to fix that.

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