Walking in a Winter Wonderland

When winter is in full swing I usually find myself stomping through snow on my way to classes. This means I need shoes that are able to handle the wet and icy weather. But that doesn't mean I have to sacrifice fashion, either! For this season, look for some cute all weather boots like the ones below.

Top Right: Rain boots by Anthropologie. A cute, classic rain boot, like this, is perfect for the winter because it is guaranteed to keep your feet dry and warm and it has great stylish details!
Top Left: Strap boot by Merrell, buy at Piperlime. A stylish, chestnut coloured boot matches just about everything. This boot is waterproof, too, so it can take on the snow.
Middle: Dr. Martens. Usually, taller boots are better for handling the snow, but I love Dr. Martens. They're edgy and built tough to handle wear and tear.
Bottom Left: Boots by Anthropologie. Embrace the cold weather with warm, season-specific boots. The rubber soles can handle the ice and the lace up look is adorable!
Bottom Right: Boots by Chanel. Sleek black is always a classic and the perfect look for winter. This boot is chic and check out the patent leather accents.

A New Kind of Knitwear for the Neck

A type of men's ties are making a comeback: Knitted and crochet ties. Maybe because I prefer the classic triangular shape, or slimmer looks, but I am not a fan of this trend. It's bulky and I think it might look quite odd to be wearing a fuzzy knitted tie around your neck. I can think of only a few ways to pull it off, and all looks involve only the tie peeking through from under a sweater or blazer, and so I am at a loss for this trend. I wouldn't recommend it.
How much is too much knit?
You can take a look at some of these styles by Thomas Pink or J. Crew