Why I did not discover this sooner, I do not know, but oh my gosh I'm so hungry now.
this is epic

ps. in love with this

and its inspiration for my next line

(source: nymag - fashion)

ya'll want an update?

ive met some artsy kids, yo
that girl is my roommate, haha and this was at the animal collective concert in prospect park the other day
shes completely hilarious

this is that dress i made a while ago, but i wore it as a skirt
sorry the shirt is mad trashy but anyway, in the words of my brother:
"hey camerin. I hate to break it to you, but you're a hipster"

it's braided and sassy
and yeah my tooth brush is in a starbucks cup - CLA$$ ACT


first day i tested my foundation skills
we looked at eggs
for the record: i never ever said i was artistic...
but i figured i might share what i'm up to - hopefully ill be better by the month's end

[[egg on x-acto board]]

graphite / 4"x4"

cut paper / glue / 5"x5"

i drew some sketches of dresses too, but, hey, that's my intellectual property ;)

made it myself

I stenciled a Keith Haring design.
Read more to see the shirt!
"Fashion people are often rebels who know that the rules are made to be broken" --  Sue Jenkyn Jones 

I lied

Apparently I’m 70 and I can’t figure out technology. Anyway, tumblr’s lack of embedding abilities and some difficult to navigate settings have proved too tedious for me and after a day I’m back on blogger! I know the reigns pretty well so everything will be quick and easy - plus I have pages now- ooooh! :)

Luckily I only had two new followers on the new tumblr so we’re fiiiine. I'm keeping up! Now with disqus and google friend connect!

So come on back!