I Found a Fedora!

Discovering a fedora is like when Buckwheat and Porky find a dollar.

I've scored on the vintage finds lately. Today, while sewing a shirt (which I've temporarily abandoned, but hopefully I'll be able to post a finished product tomorrow), I found this old fedora in a box of goodies my mom threw down to the basement. Evidently, she felt as if it were a box of old junk. However, I, giddy with my discovery, became instantly overwhelmed with an urge to channel some 1930's detective via this hat. Luckily I've had more stellar vintage steals lately, i.e. my dad's old silk shirt I begged for knowing he hasn't touched it since the 80's, and one of the many pairs of loafers my mom was going to donate to goodwill, but gave me first pick (#winning). Apparently she used to have a huge thing for loafers, the back three are all the same make, just different colors! The shorts, if you recognize them, are recently purchased from American Apparel, and the belt and lace-sports-bra-thing are thrifted.

I say ol' chap, I love this fedora!

Click view more to do exactly that! Plus, more of those vintage finds!

the shoes!

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