righty-tighty, lefty-loosey

I haven't really done anything today, I mean I've actually done NOTHING, aside from sit on the couch and by the computer. A few things I've noticed: Lowes commercials come on TV a lot and my computer is so old and lagging; the fan is so loud that is sounds as if it's ready to take flight.
The best part is I have so much to do in terms of cleaning, sewing, and getting started in the monstrous, scary thing that is the college application process.                                                                     However, in all other news, here is today's look. I got this dress at my thrift store haul I was talking about the other day. It was mid-calf length so raised the hemline and paired it with a pair of Steve Madden wedges I got years ago yet fail to wear too often.

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(awkward legs for the win!)
PS totally realizing that the middle clip is a sport illustrated-like pose in a totally conservative dress. Irony?

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