So apparently the correct plural of octopus is actually octopodes because it is Greek and that’s the correct way to pluralize a Greek word. Also it’s pronounced ok-top-it-ees… i had always seen that word and thought it was just octo-podes – I’m stellar smart. I only titled this octopi because I also learned the π function on my computer. ∏!

I learn new things every day! For instance, today I learned that apparently, though I live in a small town in MA, it’s still considered sub-divided into it’s ye olde, non-functioning but still postal-service recognized, towns. I’ve lived here for 13 years….

I shopped around Cambridge last Sunday which was a ton of fun. I scored at The Garment District thrift store and also hit up the Urban Outfitters in Harvard Square which was having an awesome basement sale. I got this dress and a pair knit shorts, but everything else was a miss. I love this dress, though it looks like it should be cinched at the waist, but it's not - it's more of a fun frock. I realise I didn't get an image of the back, which would have been nice. The netting continues to the back in this pretty, arched, V-shape. Anyway, I'm basically a narcissist, so here's a photo overload, and some better close ups for details.

 I picked up this octopus necklace at a gift store long ago.
I've co-opted my father's hat.
The belt is from J Crew and the shoes are from Target.

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