This is When I Start to Bite My Nails

and Clean My Room When All Else Fails.... except not. My room still looks as if when I finally picked it up I might find a critter or two. In other news I've realized I'm totally not fit for the town in which I live. Not only am I incredibly distant with most of my neighbors and fellow town-dwellers due to boarding school, but I feel like some sort of novelty. I cannot say whether that's good or bad, but when I ran errands today I sure felt it. Honestly, does no one take the time to put themselves together anymore? Sweatpants are not that cute. I swear there wasn't a person in Target today that was not wearing them or some form of PJs. Though maybe I am exaggerating only a teeny bit, you get my point. There was a lot of baggy cotton jersey. I just want people to wear clothes, really.

On another note, although I do place myself into the "over-dressed-for-everything" category, twice recently, while at my dentist, I was asked why I looked so nice, and if I had just come from work. Mind you, the first time I was in a lace top and leggings and the second time I had thrown on a shirt from urban (that zig-zag one in my look, "travelin'") and some weirdly patterned shorts from Forever 21; I'm pretty sure it didn't match. What? What?! Can't I just wear random shit without getting stares or being utterly confused?

Anyway, sorry. Rant over.
Here's my look, yo.
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Jacket: thrifted
Little Black Dress: from my mom's closet
Tights: picked them up somewhere // Brand: Penti 
Sneakers: Target

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