Manic Monday Shopping Haul

The outlets are the best place to shop and today I came home with a great load of stuff. In addition to the following, I got two great pairs of jeans from Lucky and Levi's which I'm super excited about (the Lucky pair are a great light wash which I never really buy), as well as a navy collared shirt and camel color cardigan from PRL.

Huge photo overload, so click read more! :)

First are the coolest leather Converse All Stars. They remind me of leather booties and though I'm not too sure about the thin sole, I'm excited to wear them this fall.

Then I hit up American Apparel. Ah, despite irrational prices, American Apparel has the best finds and I love getting cool basics there. I got these high waisted shorts, riding pants, a sheer graphic cami, and a denim backpack.

I hope to get a bunch of studs and do up the front pocket of the backpack. I was looking for either a small leather or small denim backpack. Found this today, so denim won :)

Here are the shorts, paired with the fringe top I bought at a boutique in Savannah this past weekend. Sorry the picture quality is terrible so I edited it. I didn't realise how poor these were until I uploaded them.

Up next: riding pant and shirt which I am in LOVE with. I have awkward hips which these accentuate, but they also make my butt look good. Whooo!

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