Farmer's Market Friday

Awkward I wore this skirt last night to dinner, with that burnt sienna top I have yet to wash (don't worry I threw it in the laundry bin today!) along with some stellar jewelry from Forever 21 and my figure-eight braided sandals from Target. Yes, I really liked that outfit so I guess I'll have to post a picture if I throw it on again (doubt it, oops). Anyway, since very few saw me in it, I figured I could get away with it to go to the farmers market? I paid a visit to my friend who was selling some hydroponic veggies from her dad's farm.

1. Cute guy sells corn.
2. Farmer's Markets are boring sometimes.
3. Bodycon skirts ride up like it's their job. Bummer.

So, I got this concert shirt from my boyfriend. It's a total lolfest. ("Heaven on the eyes but hell on the heart" I mean really?) And I threw it on because really only a few things can go with mustard yellow without making the color look heinous: gray, olive green, burnt reds or pinks, and turquoise. Turquoise might be pushing it... 'cause it's kind of got that whole, opposite colors being really tacky thing going for it. This paired with some blue Ked-like sneakers, some small, eclectic jewelry, and some red-orange lip stain I found in my big bag of tricks. And by bag of tricks I mean my Sephora dream box of blush, lip stain, and eye shadow. Anyway, ahoy, bombs away, and what-not yee matees.

PS. love that look of "wtf" on my face, yeah?

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