I've become quite the cynicist

Again, little effort into yesterday's outfit. I have also noticed that I don't seem to have clothes that can bare the warmth.
Moreover, I was too lazy to set up the camera. Gross, my mirror needs to be cleaned.
On a happy note, I GOT 12 HOURS OF SLEEP FRIDAY NIGHT. Mmmm, sleep.

Cardigan: Target
Shirt: Thrifted (i think the maker is Delia*s, though)
Belt: Thrifted
Scarf: Vintage

Why Fashion Still Matters with Vogue's Sally Singer

if you have some time...

Long Week

I apologize that this blog is pretty weak when I'm in school. I'm doing my best, but I think I was naive to believe I could have even a commitment such as this at the school I go to. Prep school: the best and worst years of my life. Thursday night, having recently been getting over something like the flu, I was up until 5 am working. Yaaay. But when I sleep from 5-6:30, this is the most effort to formulate an outfit that you're going to get out of me. (This winter is also SO cold!)

I'm really excited to catch up on work this week, and learn to do little posts like this, if I may.
Sweater: thrifted

First Outfit Post of the New Year

I've been on bed rest for the past three days, which has been super! Kidding. Really, being sick is a huge bummer. You'd think it would give me time to catch up on work, when in fact it has only put me behind (considering I was already behind, I guess I'm twice that?).
Anyway, here's an outfit before you believe I have fallen off the face of the the earth. Granted, I wore this two weeks ago, before three feet of snow hit my beloved New England. (Ask me if I got a snow day from classes. Go ahead, ask me...) At the time, weather was willing for a ratty, sole-less pair of converse. On another note, this scarf is the best thing since sliced bread. Although, I'm sure I've deemed many things that great, and therefor that does not mean much, this scarf is great and warm. Its pattern clashes, yet somehow compliments almost anything. I paired it with a navy and creme striped sweater the other day and, in fact, I threw it on over my black and white gingham button-down.
Also, these jeans have zippers at the ankles, which I'm a fan of.

My New Year's [Fashion] Resolutions

1. Start wearing more colors. I used to be known for being that colorful dresser! Black is the new black, but yellow is pretty, too.
2. Branch out of my go-to highwasited skirt outfits. I need to try more creative things - it has become my basic and it's boring.
3. Less cleave. Unfortunately I own so many V-necks, but showing the back or arms is sexier than any cleavage.
4. Pile on the jewelry.
5. Put my best foot forward, everyday. I sported black leggings far too often last fall.
6. Be comfortable with my natural hair.
7. Wear some long pants that aren't jeans!

And here's a pretty picture from the latest Alexander McQueen's show that I like.