a penny in my pocket

False, these shorts don't have pockets. However, I did make them! The shirt is a recent from American Apparel (see Manic Monday Shopping Haul) and the rest of the details are below.

So right now I'm sitting at home in my sweats, watching the hurricane Doppler. Though I'm hoping it misses me up in eastern MA, we're still on watch. Thursday, as I was driving down to Cornell I hit crazy storms, and yesterday, driving back, there literally was a pack of seven or eight service trucks, heading northeast, getting ready to take care of potential "business," I assume. I say this, as it just started raining rhinos outside... (come on, rhinos are a way bigger mess than cats and dogs, right?)

I hope everyone is staying safe!


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Oooh yeah, you know these are taken in my super sexy garage! 

Leaf bracelet: Forever21
Necklace: Gift - I believe it's from Macy's
Shoes and other Bangles: From my mom

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