Avedon - Fashion Photographer

Yesterday, my dad took me to the MFA Boston to see the Richard Avedon Fashion exhibit. I actually had not seen much of his work before, but I can't even describe how in love I am with his photography after seeing it all. He captures movement so gracefully and beautifully with some of these images. He has done fabulous work with Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and more. Again, he has many great works, but all of the following are featured in the museum. Here's another image-full Thursday post to inspire you , possibly.


Image 1: Avedon Fashion 1944-200 Cover
Image 2: Dovima with elephants, August 1955
Image 3: Suzy Parker with Robin Tattersall and Gardner McKay, August 1956
Image 4: Sunny Harnett, August 1954
Image 5: Elise Daniels with street performers, 1948 
Image 6: Carmen, 1957
Image 7: Renée, the new face of Dior, 1947
Image 8: Donyale Luna, December 1966
Image 9: Veruschka, January 1967
Image 10: Stephanie Seymour, April 1995
Image 11: Stephanie Seymour, September 1994

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  1. Great photos. I like the one with the monkey the most and the "skirt in action" is awesome,too.
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    Greatings from Germany :)