hello, world

Hi! I'm just barely beginning to get into the swing of things at school (classes, community service, clubs, singing, and sports just don't leave much free time...) but I wanted to let you know that I am still alive and updating this, despite my fantastic cold I've come down with.

Anywhoo, this is not to vent but to share with you this awesome dress my grandmother brought to me a few weeks ago. It has been in the family for ages and at least 80 years old. I required the aid of my mother to get it on, but this dress is fabulous and was so fun to wear. I can't really do much with it except keep it like an artifact. We are debating whether or not the thread is real gold, which is really interesting. And it was almost musty,  my mom wanted to send these pictures to grams which is why I got in it in the first place.  How cool is the matching belt? However, I wish people would dress like this more. What ever happened to these gowns and dresses? They are great.


  1. D.I.E! It's gorgeous. Wow, how lucky to have such a dress in the family!


  2. wow you look stunning!

    love kerry