Fun Fact: I Spotted Kyra Sedgwick

Currently I am in Belize, staying at a wonderful place in the middle of the jungle miles from any town. Imagine my surprise when I sit down for dinner and at the table next to me is Kyra Sedgwick having dinner with (I believe to be) her son and daughter. Now I'm not a paparazzi, and this is the kind of place you come to when you obviously want privacy. That means I sniped some crummy, behind the back, you-cant-tell-I'm-taking-a-picture-with-my-cellphone pictures. But loookie!

As I was walking back to my room we crossed paths. I let out a cough moments before (dumb cold!) so naturally I said "Excuse me" right as she happily/nervously/courteously said "Hi!"It was chill...

Don't know who she is? Kyra Sedgwick is the star of the TV show, The Closer, and is married to Kevin Bacon. (And where is Mr. Bacon on this family venture?)

Second one is a little proof that this was in real life, because this looks like a crappy shot of the TV
(That's my arm - hayhayhay!)


  1. that is crazy! i now know who you are talking about! omg! you had dinner beside her. i would have freaked out and calmly asked for her autograph in an cool way which probably would have came out dorky. haha thats so cool.

  2. I saw Kevin at Belize International on Dec 22nd catching a Tropic Air to some destination.

  3. Haha, so where was he hiding?? We never caught sight oh him, despite seeing the rest of the family a few times.
    My family keeps joking that I'm 2ยบ separated from him :P