Should I buy it? Does this look good on me?

Ever asked yourself those questions? Ever sent the picture to your friend in a text and he/she just didn't get back to you in time?
A while back I found trimirror blogs, where you can upload a picture to ask a question or show off, and you'll have a response in minutes. Weather you consider yourself a fashionista or not, the community is full of style savvy people and anyone just looking for a little advice.

These are for the every day person. Post an outfit before you go out or snap a pic in the store dressing room (there are handy-dandy little apps for that on your iphone or droid, check the right side of the trimirror page) and you'll get instant feedback! Or, if you find a piece that inspires you, or something interesting online, it's a nice community to share it with.
Although fairly new, the community is growing everyday. I like websites like these, that are for everyone and every day people. The best part is the community is so nice and welcoming!

You can thank avid tweeter @Bellpopping for showing me around this site!

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