My First Spring Desire

I'm craving a neon windbreaker and you can pick up a legit one from Nike themselves (6). The athletic look meets an 80's throwback. [Not to follow trends but I'm not going to lie, this outfit is pretty 80's themed; especially when paired with an acid-wash skirt.] But I love the athletic yet girly, retro vibe. Balancing a sweet casual wear with girly elements like loads of silver and gold jewelery. But hey, those are still boxing gloves (3). The sneakers add another spunky accent and make the outfit totally casual. I'm a fan of classic converse and am loving the slimmer look they have with new Chuck Taylors (7). But the shiny high-tops (9) are pretty cool themselves. Topping off the contrast going on with a totally glam over the shoulder purse or clutch (8). The black ones are going to pump up the edge while still totally girlish and party ready, while the pink over the shoulder bag is a little sweeter. Yellow is obviously the main color of the outfit but a little blue or pink in softer tones make a great accent.
Well, I like to ramble but I love this outfit! In the frame (10) is the outfit at a less expensive, one-stop-shop, version.
1. Urban Outfitters
2. Urban Outfitters
3. Urban Outfitters
4. Topshop
5. Topshop
6. Nike
7. Converse
8. Forever 21
9. Forever 21
10. All Forever 21

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