My New Year's [Fashion] Resolutions

1. Start wearing more colors. I used to be known for being that colorful dresser! Black is the new black, but yellow is pretty, too.
2. Branch out of my go-to highwasited skirt outfits. I need to try more creative things - it has become my basic and it's boring.
3. Less cleave. Unfortunately I own so many V-necks, but showing the back or arms is sexier than any cleavage.
4. Pile on the jewelry.
5. Put my best foot forward, everyday. I sported black leggings far too often last fall.
6. Be comfortable with my natural hair.
7. Wear some long pants that aren't jeans!

And here's a pretty picture from the latest Alexander McQueen's show that I like.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing this picture its so breath taking!

    I must admit that Resoultions numbers 1 and 2 are very good ideas. I'm inspiried by you to try those two, too. And number 4 was definetly and idea that I'll going to try more often in the New Year.