Seventeen Magazine's "Fashion Faux Pas"

First, read this article:
Agree with anything they say? Because I don't, really. Here's my opinion on each "fashion don't" they list in the article.

 Seriously, this look can be done right and look super chic. Don't write it off so quickly. I like these looks I found.
(links at bottom)

Okay, I agree. There's a certain level of decorum appropriate for day-to-day wear, and showing this much skin does not fit in that category.

3.  "dON'T: Showing your underwear"
Yes, don't show your underwear - but I'm sure this look was unintentional. The dress is gorgeous, however, I'll agree: try not to flash your underwear (accidentally or not).

4.  "don't: wearing only one earring"
I'm pretty sure it just fell out somewhere in the hustle and bustle of the red carpet. Cut Jordan Sparks some slack. Helpful tip: use rubber backs if your dangly earrings won't stay put. 

5.  "dON'T: Wearing lingerie as an outfit"

Agreed - don't follow the example they provide. The look is trashy, maybe Adrianna really did forget her shirt. Unless you're as bold as Lady Gaga, be careful. If you want to try out this look and it's right up your alley, here are a few ways to do it right.

The last picture is a slip dress. Its the perfect underwear as outerwear, and vintage slips can  be the coolest dresses because of the detailing some have. (links at bottom)

6. "don't: oversized shoulders"
What it should say is "Don't mix two outrageous trends that you know really don't go together." Animal prints are always cool but this one is strange and not flattering to this dress. The shoulders on this dress are big but it could be really cool. It's similar in shape to a dress I posted a while back. Big shoulders are coming back, thanks to Lady Gaga again. Just embrace it correctly.

7. "don't: trying to look too messy"
It's Ke$ha - of course don't try to look like Ke$ha. Only she can pull off that look - if that.

8. "don't: see-through shirt"
Actually, do try to look as hot as Riana. Don't: scrutinize her for that shirt not being able to withstand the flashing bulbs of countless paparazzi. If you do think you'll be ambushed by flashing cameras, pull your shirt tight a bit to test if it's too thin, and wear maybe a nude bra. Also, see-through shirts can be totally cool if done purposefully with an appropriate corset/bra/bandeau or undershirt.

9. "don't: Too many conflicting layers"
False. This outfit is so cute and eclectic. Layers are great and Seventeen doesn't know what it's talking about.
(links at bottom)

10. "don't: Too-Short Dress, no pants"
The outfit can seem really cute but, in reality, if you can't bend the slightest bit even to sit down, this look is not fit for public. Be careful even because short dresses and scandalous looks can be, well, scandalous.

11. "don'T: too-long maxi dress"
Don't wear a dress you'll be tripping over, but the dress they picture is fine. Don't wear a dress much longer than that. Make sure that when you walk, your feet/shoes can peak out from the dress so their visible. That way you're not wearing a sheet and shuffling in a too-big blanket.

12. "don't: Showing your bra"
O.K. don't show your bra, unless you're trying the underwear as outerwear trend.

As promised, links:
Image 1Image 2Image 3
Image 4, Image 5, Image 6
Image 7, Image 8


  1. Hi love:)

    I love this post! they really don't know what they are talking about.. I think your images show how each look can be done.
    Really enjoyable read!!

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    Love Kerry

  2. Such a cool post! I already told you on Twitter, but I like it so much I do it again here ;-)