One Skirt. Four Seasons. Endless Possibilities.

Polyvore makes putting outfits together so much easier than before when I used photoshop, yet I constantly get carried away.
Plain, knitted skirts are perfect to wear for every season. You can dress them up and down and any-which-way to fit the occasion. I wear my American Apparel knit skirt to the death. It's the perfect basic piece. I have this in gray, but American Apparel is in the gutter right now and out of stock in this skirt. Their California Fleece Tulip Skirt is just as good.

The versatile skirt. Click the images for content and item list (will redirect you to

Spring Skirt

Spring to Summer
Summer Looks


Summer Skirt

Summer to Fall

Fall Skirt 2


Fall Skirt

Fall to Winter

Winter Skirt


Winter Skirt 2

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