Just look around at the growing trends, and you can see that denim is blowing up once again. Denim is returning to being used again as more than just jeans. The best new trend? Double denim (wearing two denim pieces, and sometimes more). Yet, this is an up-cycled trend - it's been done before and now it's being remodeled and redone. I was stumbling around Urban Outfitters online when I came across this ad on the home page.
What decade was this picture taken in? It just screams very late seventies. The clothes are wonderful but can we focus on the part that reads, "introducing"? Although not a lie (Levi's is introducing a new denim), it's not really a new idea, is it?

I clicked the link to shop the Levi's clothing. Does any of this look familiar to you?
Not to say nothing is new. The boyfriend jean is the new big flare. I'll give them credit for modernizing and stylizing a classic look that makes it so cute and marketable. I'm not downgrading the look - I'm just not saying it's as new as advertising would like to say it is.

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