When the trend was in, I hated it. Now that it's faded out, I find myself wanting more.

I found this when I was shopping the other day. My mom doesn't understand the point of statement pieces. She didn't like it because she thought it was big, "out there", and unnecessary. It's far opposite her style but it's so fitting for me. The bag is great because it IS out there. And now I'm obsessed.

VALENTINO does it right.
PHOTOCRED from the VALENTINO website linked above
 Here's another great example I found via google.

I'm literally under their spell - so cute. The point is that they're statement pieces. A huge rose will look great on your arm as you march up those city streets. And the bags are big enough to carry the massive amount of things I like to keep on my person.
What I need is a pair of loose fitting (nearly boyfriend fit) black and white trousers. I think they'd be the perfect pair.

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