Chopped Off These Not-So-Golden Locks

A few years ago I cut off 13 inches of my hair and donated the bunch to the Locks of Love charity that takes hair and makes them into wigs for caner patents or people with disorders, causing them to lose or be completely barren of hair on their head. Just today I made the cut again. My hair wasn't getting much longer and was weighing me down, so I cut off eight and half inches, almost nine. This time I am donating them to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths Cause. Here's just a series of before and afters, taken on my state-of-the-art, high quality, macbook. I'm pretty excited with the look, but it's a big difference than the past two years.

And I cut off THIS MUCH
That's right, this much!

Well, now you know the end result, but ta-da!

I love it. This cut is so fun and light. It's definitely a completely different vibe from my old do, and I can barely pull it into a ponytail, but I'm excited. I cannot wait to let my hair be wavy and see how this looks not straightened.

I strongly recommend, if you ever get the chance or decide to grow your hair out, to donate. It's a wonderful feeling and goes to a great, often overlooked, cause. By helping to make one of these wigs you're giving someone self-confidence, and a smile.


  1. your hair color is so pretty! i really like your haircut, it flatters you so much!

  2. It looks great at this length. So cool you're doing this. I didn't even know it was possible, thanks to you I do and I'll ask if we can donate over here (allthough my hair isn't as long as yours).

    Big Bisous!