Bunches of Bags

I carry a lot of books around a big campus, with barely any time to change them out, so I love having big, big bags during the school year. Last year I donned a bright pink, polka dotted "Little Miss Sunshine" backpack, and I have a silver sequin one to break out this coming year. But most of the time, I like to stick to large, fashionable bags that I can wear on my arm. Here's a list of some great bags for all your school supplies.

The Leather Tote
 Urban Outfitters, Zappos

The Satchel/Briefcase

The Retro Bowling Bag
Etsy: tan, blue

The Canvas Backsack
Urban Outfitters

The Shiny, Oversized Bag
American Apparel, Coach

The Computer Case
Urban Outfitters: keyboard, notebook, clutch

The Pencil Case
Urban Outfitters and Sephora: Harajuku, gold

Makeup kits actually make the best pencil cases because they're spacious, and you luck-out if the kit has an organizer. They can be expensive but see if you can find any old makeup cases or cheap ones.

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