Back to School, Back to School

Move in day is in about a month, for me, and I am hitting up the shopping... and mostly window shopping. I know orientation and college starts just around the corner for most people so I'm getting this up. I've thought about what I want to wear in for the first day back, while moving in, and I've put together this grouping for perfect reasons. I have plenty of time for my mind to keep changing, so I will post more options as the month continues. And I will post options for the first day of classes, too.

Move-in day is the first day back on campus for the year. I see all my friends, and I don't have to worry about seeing any teachers or being thrown right into the classroom schedule. However, I do have to climb three and a half flights of stairs and unpack 9 months worth of living material into my little room - so I'm thinking about practicality.

First, I want to go with a pair of nice shorts. Style doesn't has to stop for practicality. Keep in mind you're probably lugging boxes up on your knees, and even if not, I still like being able to move when I'm doing a lot of walking and lifting. I am basically coveting these pairs of shorts from Urban Outfitters.
For shoes I'm looking for something I'd love to walk around in, but can also keep my balance. If I'm going for height and heels, wedges are the best bet. I love this pair I found online at Nordstrom.
 But these pairs from ALDO are fabulous and cheaper picks.
If heels aren't your thing, opt for a pair of cute flats in these colors or classic Keds sneakers.

On the top half I want simple colors and bolder accessories. Layer this lace tank from American Apparel (can you tell I love lace?) over a cream tank top.
As for colors and awesome jewelry, I hit up polyvore for all these cute accessories.
(Links to buy at bottom)

And FINALLY, if jewelery isn't your style you can still add a ton of color and funk into your outfit with this top from Nordstrom.
For me the very first day is all about fresh, sexy, and not overdoing it. I save those outfits for the first day of classes when I can see and wow everyone. The outfit needs to be fun and cute, but because I'm moving in, I cannot ignore practicality, as much as I want to ;)

Necklace 1
Necklace 2

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  1. You are going to look so stylish when you go back love the sound of your outfit and those grey wedges are awesome xoxo