Bird Feathers =/= Human Hair

We've all seen this latest trend and I've been feeling like this for a while now, but just haven't gotten around to posting anything about it. At first I thought it was interesting, but the more I've seen it I've come to realise that feathers in your hair look a little strange. Almost 20 girls in my grade came back from the summer with one strand of a feather in their hair. And out of all of them there is only one girl whom I will insist it looks really cool on. Elsewise, I honestly keep thinking there is something caught in their hair. One girl has a feather extension that is dyed blue and green - what is that? 
Maybe for a night out, or an art gallery opening I would understand some cool turkey feathers or peacock feathers, as an artsy accent in the hair - like dangly feather earrings, i love those - but day in and day out, is too much. It becomes part of your own hair.
Personally, I am moderately creeped out by the thought of taking one animal's coat and trying to blend it into ours. (I'm not talking anti-fur/leather/feathers/etc. here, I just wouldn't go wearing snake skin leggings all the time because that's silly. What about a real pony tail? Hmm...) 

If you wanted to be a bird, then just say you're a bird.

If you still think the trend is a whole new wave, consider that the birds are raised for the sole purpose of their feathers - nothing else

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