autumn's a-coming

I kept seeing knitted shorts around , and thought that they would be so cute to have for fall. Imagine them layered over tights - it's such a great look. So, on a whim I made these shorts out of an old, extra small sweater from polo ralph lauren. The pair isn't perfect, because I made them randomly and had very little fabric, so pay no mind to the different directions of the knit. I still love them, and wear them all the time. People are surprised when they see them, but they like the pair! Would you ever think to wear cable knit shorts?

I put this look together and will be wearing it tomorrow (today was the outfit in the previous post).
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I should have cleaned up the floor :P

Same earrings again. They are honestly my favorite; I wear them so much!

horrible quality joke shots

Knit Hat: Target
Earrings: random store
Necklace: Aldo Accessories?
Henley Tanktop: Target
Vest: thrifted
Shorts: made them myself
Bracelets: vintage find from my mom and the other is from a fair trade post
Boots: Forever 21


  1. Hey there!

    Can you tell me how you made the sweater shorts? I adore!?! Is the waistband the bottom of the original sweater? HELLLPPPPPP!!!

  2. Hey!

    Yeah, I used the bottom of the original sweater as the waistband. I made them tight enough that I didn't need an elastic because the knit stretches so well. However, you can always add an easy one similar to those on sports shorts or sofies.
    The bands at the bottom of the shorts, at the legs, are from the edges of the neck/sleeves of the sweater - they were the same size which was lucky.