When I write Wednesday, in my head I still say "wed-nes-day."
Sooo I asked my mom if she had any old jeans I could mess with and she just handed me a bunch. I was stoked when there was a red pair. I cut them off and cuffed them. They're a little big so the shorts are kinda bulgy but I like 'em!

I asked my dad to take the pictures... he caught me by surprise on the first one, but it was one of the few that turned out OK. And I don't have super cool places to take photographs, and the weather is terrible right now, so say hello to the white wall in my kitchen!
Also sup horrible quality picatuuures?

Bottom: vintage recon
Belt: thrifted

P.S. It's like Highlights Magazine, but less hectic: can you spot the difference in these two photographs?

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