I picked this dress up a long time ago and I usually belt it but when I threw it on I just felt really clean, pretty, and in the most hippie-worded sense: free spirited. It just flows so nicely (and isn't as short as it appears while I sit down) It's a chiffon fabric and the bead detailing on the neck (below, right) make it look super fancy and sometimes I take that vibe and play with it, adding tons of jewelry and bright colors. 
But today I felt like taking it back to it's most basic form. I always spend so much time putting outfits together and doing myself up, I liked the idea of taking the outfit apart. Maybe it's cliche, but I took off my shoes, took off my bag, and there are sort of outrageous masks lying around me - guess I took those off too. Anyway, here's today's look. Simple, it flows, I like it :)

Dress: random boutique in Pasadena; tag says Bizz Princess
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Briefcase: vintage

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